Saturday, February 27, 2010

Where is Huguette Clark? Chapter One

Recently, I came upon a photo essay on MSNBC which not only intrigued me but fascinated me enough to take a journey unto the unknown. I was in search of a missing woman. This is not your ordinary missing person’s case where she was on her way to the store and vanished, this is the case of a woman who by public accounts would be 104 if she is indeed alive today and has merely vanished from society. Her name is Huguette Clark and her father was former Senator and millionaire William Clark, the same Clark that Clark County, NV is named to honor. The same Clark County I will be traveling to in May on vacation.

Here is the story that I found on MSNBC

After reading this photo essay I was overwhelmed by questions. What happened to Huguette Clark? Is she alive, or is she deceased and her estate has simply averted the truth? Did she remarry secretly and live happily ever after in a grand castle on the Moors of Scotland or as a spinster in a condo along the shores of Ft. Lauderdale? Is she simply averting the paparazzi's of the world and living in seclusion?

I must know. I believe it was the picture that drew me unto desire to know the truth.

Between this picture.............

And this picture........

Okay this wasn’t the exact picture I was looking for. The one I wanted had the two girls and their grandpa in it. The point is, the resemblance is uncanny and it was like I could feel the bond that Huguette and her sister Andree shared as well as the pain that she must have endured for decades after morning for the loss of her sister/soul mate.

This will be a long journey but in the end I believe it will be worth it.

To be continued..........................

Chapter Two-Who was Huguette?

Chapter Three- The Florida Connection

Chapter Four-Alive or Dead the Truth of the matter


  1. My question is why on earth hasn't a family member demanded that her well being be made known to them? I would be screaming from the rooftops for somebody to help in determining this. The police/FBI?? Anyone?? I mean, she's 104 for the love of God!!?!?!

    ~A. Tanner

  2. It's indeed a strange case. If she is 104 and the youngest of the children of William Clark, one could assume that there may not be many direct family members out there. However, there has to be someone who knows more.

    Strange in deed, the Sleuthster received an email from someone who claims they know "much about Hugguette". I requested more info but have not received a resposne.

    Stay tuned for the next chapter in this story of a mysterious woman and her life in the next day or 2.


  3. Leave her alone! That seems to be what she wants and she is entitled to have it.

    Such a sad story. As much as she loves dolls, she would have made a great Mom.

  4. wow I did not know what the world of hatred and pain could keep someone to be away ..but if they are happy the ways it is material or money it's mean nothing than peace..all we need is peace and ordinary..stop searching let's she be the way she want to be..

  5. I wish that she would interested in meditation and be with a group of woman in Joshua tree, there is master for meditation for over 40 years she is alone, at the age of 85, still be under the sky roof and teach all her student with love and care, live simple no helper and down to earth, her name Ruth Dennison, if I have a million I will donate to her for the best of all benefits of other beings who need help..a place is very old but lovely filled with love and kindness,

  6. Wow, I am so fascinated by this story but more than anything, I would from the bottom of my heart, want to learn about this woman. I think of my Grandma who I lost just 3 years ago. I miss my talks with her and her stories about when she was a child. Grandma was 99 when she passed and this story made me miss her so much. I hope so much that Ms. Clark has someone to talk with and share her stories with. I pray for her comfort!!

  7. when are chapters 2-4 due? very interesting, hope to see more!

  8. I've read many articles about this story over the past few months but never found any information on whether any of William Clark's 4 children from his first marriage are either still alive or contesting any of the family's wealth. Does anyone have details about this?

  9. William Clark's children from his first marriage were olden this second wife, who was 23. So I would be certain that they are all deceased. The article I read said they all sold their stakes in the companies when they received their inheritance. Didn't seem like there was any dispute there.

  10. Hugette Clark is indeed an intriguing individual. Recently I found an article that she has been found, in a nursing home where she has resided for years. Sadly, this is where the story ends. I have decided not to write anymore on her because I started this website to find the missing that I believe are still alive out there. Hugette is alive we know this now.
    I would like to add that I have alot of respect for Ms. Clark. The Clarks are truely American Pioneers who where facets in our history and Hugette Clark was also a great humanitarian in her many charitable endeavors. I wish I could be a half the person she has been. Kudos to you Ms. Clark.