Thursday, December 10, 2009

Where is Abraham Shakespeare?

Where is Abraham Shakespeare? This is the $10,000 question, or at least if you can find him you may be eligible for the $10,000 reward. Finding him however, may be a difficult as swallowing the story behind Abraham's disappearance.

Abraham Shakespeare is not your usual missing person who either has chosen to disappear or possibly come to some sinister demise, he was at one time worth more then $12 million because of his fortunate purchase of a lucky Florida Lottery ticket a few years back. Could this fateful event have led to someone killing Abraham or did he disappear on his own because of the financial woes he eventually had succumb to after losing most of his winnings to bad loans and poor investments?

The cast of characters involved with this saga will blow your mind.

The Sleuthster plans to find out more and will update her readers with the whole sordid details of this drama as they unfold.

Stay tuned......


  1. I read about this on MSN a while back. Sorry, as I had hoped it would have turned out better too.

    A Tanner

  2. Yes, unfortunately Mr. Shakespeare is not with us anymore. I have been discussing this case on in detail. A woman named Dee Dee Moore has been charged in Abe's death. In a strange twist Dee Dee actually signed up as a member on Websleuths and I was there when she posted, first as the victim of LE and Abraham, and "mexicans" etc. Then she had the nerve to say that we where never talking to Dee Dee more but to her son. I just hope that she is not working on an insanity defense. This woman needs to share a cell with the likes of Casey Anthony, another famous liar and murderer IMO.