Friday, October 2, 2009

They never came home

It is hard to believe that in any given day over 2300 adults and children go missing within the United States. Although a majority of the missing are children, it is still unfathomable that aproximately 20% are adults.This means that over 420 adults go missing each day. Whether by choice or because they where an unwilling victim of a crime, these adults and children are missed by someone. Family members and friends spend days, months, years asking the same question. What happened to their loved one? As they continue through their everyday lives, one can imagine that everytime they see someone with the same jesters or the same hair color they think that this could possibly be their missing friend or family. I am confident that the unknown can be heartbreaking.

Over 2300 adults and children go missing each and every day. They never came home and we are here to help them find their way.

Help us help them!

You ask how you can help? By being the eyes and ears that can help the missing become the found.

This blog was created to profile missing persons cases so that you may be the eyes and ears to help solve their disapearance. We will also share stories of those that we help bring home.

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