Saturday, October 3, 2009

LaFreda Chrispen Found?

The Sleuthster believes that she has found Lafreda Chrispen alive and well 15 years after she was abducted by her foster parents.

Please see a synopsis of Lafreda's story below.

I believe that this is Lafreda today

It appears, by her status's, that she has found her family after all of these years and has made contact.
I love my family!! So thankful that I can contact them and try and get to know a little bit more about who i am!! Happy Bday Rayshon !! Mood:blessed

Unfortunately, LaFreda's mother died in 2004 and supposively the case was closed with Law Enforcement because of her mother's death.

So, the questions that I have now; Is Lafreda Chrispen still a missing person? Are there still active warants for Jane and Randall Lindner? Does Lafreda know that she is listed as a missing person? Where has she been all of these years?

The Sleuthster plans to get the answers to all of these questions and more. Stay tuned................

This information has been turned over to the NCMEC and now we await a response.

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